Multi-course meals of confidence stuck to seasonal ingredients. Bedding entire tatami rooms of Shoin-zukuri (all 15 rooms) is Tadayowasu the style of its founding 130 years established. 2012 completion of the open-air bath and cypress, align a variety of Yudono like rock bath
Check In 15:00 (final check-in: 20: 00) / Check-Out 12:00

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Transfer in about 1 hour and 15 minutes Ueda Station in Nagano Shinkansen from Tokyo Station, get off at about 25 minutes Bessho Onsen Station in Ueda traffic Bessho.
For access from Bessho Onsen Station Kashiwaya to head office
Shuttle bus "flipping bus" (14: 13-17: according to the train of 35 pieces bus runs)
From Bessho Onsen Station, we are out and free shuttle bus of the hotel union. Because it is a bus that stops at each inn, please use by all means.
※ driver with a placard of "flipping the bus" in the ticket gate will have to wait.
(Basutei: and it got off to Bessho Onsen Station home, immediately left of the parking lot)
Transfers from the inn (outside the shuttle at scheduled times)
Since the pick you up to the station, please contact 0268-38-3011


Inn Kashiwaya hontem of becomes a Bessho Onsen Kannon
Yubinbango386-1431 Ueda, Nagano Prefecture Bessho Onsen 1654 TEL / 0268-38-3011 FAX / 0268-38-3772
Access: Ueda traffic Bessho Hot Springs Free shuttle bus service from the station


Building, which Japan heart alive
It has undergone a mindfulness of comfort.
It is refreshing seasons of expression
Wrapped in appearance of the tatami and shoji,
Please relax leisurely.


Hot springs from the old "Bessho Hot Springs"
Will enjoy to your heart's content a natural hot spring,
Please Enjoy the tasty hot water to each.


To your heart's content a number of dishes that were cordially Please enjoy.